alone, together // together, apart

    Nikolas Pattantyus

    Nikolas Pattantyus, small business owner

    7 Mile Island Massage / @7.mile.island.massage

    We have a little home, but a lot of land with a small vegetable garden and backyard chickens, so we're feeling very fortunate during the Stay Home directives. My wife is always cooking up a storm, but with the extra time on her hands she's started writing up her recipes for my 7mim.com website and I get to taste-test every one!


    What do you miss the most? Taking care of my clients. This is my 20th year in business and my regulars are like family. But by turning away appointments, I'm taking better care of everyone now.

    What makes you happy now? Having extra time with my wife, harvesting wild oysters to surprise her...my garden.

    Springers Homemade Ice Cream

    Mary Humphreys Goldenthal, small business owner

    Springers Homemade Ice Cream / @springersic

    Since the initial jolt into a new reality, there've been days of great productivity: projects, cooking, reading, binge-watching... Trying to mentally plan a new way to do business, if we’d be blessed enough to open, has been very challenging but also exciting. After being in a business that had become second nature over the last 45 years, it’s a unique experience to reimagine everything. Challenge accepted; game on. In 30 or 40 years, I want my grandchildren to know that our family rose to the occasion and did our best to overcome uncertainty and make the most of what will undoubtedly be a defining moment for this generation.


    What makes you happy now? My favorite part of quarantine has been finding the silver lining: Unexpected time with my college-aged son. LOTS of time together walking the dogs, conversations about life, the future, love and loss, plans A-Z. The unplanned time together with nowhere to go is a gift; I hope that my son sees it that way as well.

    Lucas Manteca, Bread+Butter Restaurant Group

    Lucas Manteca, small business owner

    Bread + Butter Restaurant Group / @quahogs

    We had a great year last year: we opened a new bar at Quahog's, and we were looking forward to starting brunch this year. Mimosas! So many plans and ideas. The hardest part of all this is knowing we have people who depend on us for wages.


    What do you miss the most? We miss being open, being with our staff, being with our customers. We miss being there for you.

    What makes you happy now? We started selling our empanadas at Matthews Seafood Market and Restaurant. It makes me happy that we're still with our guests in a way. And it makes me happy to partner with another small business. Plus, we're launching Smart Seasonings, a new superfood condiment that we've been working on for months! Extra time for productivity is a great release.

    Danielle & Robin, The Closet Boutique

    Danielle & Robin, small business owners

    Closet Boutique / @closetboutiqueavalon

    We were so excited for our 2020 season. You know, the Roaring 20's. Our new collection was ready. We were ready. But as one thing after another shut down, we really struggled with whether or not to bring the new merchandise in for the summer. But we decided to be optimistic. We love being a part of this community and working together. Being a part of Turn The Tide makes it easier to be brave.


    What do you miss the most? Walks on the beach, time on the beach with our kids. We miss supporting our local restaurants and socialising with friends. Live music! And shopping, of course. We really miss connecting with our customers in person.

    What makes you happy now? Time with our children. There's no rush now to get dressed or get out of the house. We're more connected. And we have more time to try new work-outs and dedicate to self-care.

    Damn Good Face Wash

    Kate Hauf, small business owner

    Damn Good Face Wash / @damngoodfacewash

    With everyone home, our version of Happy Hippy Homeschooling is in full-swing, we are baking massive amounts of sourdough bread, our vegetable garden will hopefully grow (send good vibes), and our dog Charlie is living her best life. I am grateful for my Damn Good Face Wash home studio, perhaps now more than ever, as I am able to continue creating clean skin care products for my clients while following the Stay Home directive. I look forward to the summer, to my husband’s Shape Fitness and Wellness Studios and other local businesses reopening, to long days on the beach, and to seeing the beauty that is born out of all the lessons we are learning at this challenging time.


    What do you miss the most? My friends. My kids’ friends. Eating out. Seeing people’s entire faces at Acme. Shape’s in-studio barre classes - teaching barre on zoom just isn’t the same. Walks on the beach.

    What makes you happy now? The gift of this unexpected time with my husband and kids. Being a part of a community like Turn the Tide that chooses to lift others and rise together. Evenings with my family on the front porch listening to amazing local musicians on the Virtually Cape May Happy Hour Series on facebook. Knocking stuff off of our endless old home’s to-do-list (my husband’s favorite, said with the slightest hint of sarcasm).


    Rebecca Holden, small business owner

    Eastward / @eastward_nj

    I've been mostly (ha!) loving staying home with my girls and hubby. Home-schooling is something I've always thought of doing with my girls, so I got my wish eek! We're trying new recipes, caring for new chicken babies, and spending lots of time gardening, which is always cathartic for me. This year we're trying peanuts, rhubarb, and asparagus!


    I started my shop in 2017 and the response was so positive at West End Garage that I was opening a second location in Ocean City when all this began. But you have to roll with the punches and be resilient. With the many things we've been through over the years, South Jersey has the most resilient and capable small business owners! I’m so happy to be a part of Turn The Tide. I love a great sense of community. I know we’re going to come out better and stronger from this.


    What do you miss the most? Just being able to get in my car and go! We’re pretty spontaneous and it’s been tough getting used to that…I miss restaurants...Brunch and drinks with my girlfriends…going to the beach…working in my shop and meeting new people!

    What makes you happy now? Uninterrupted time with my kids. Just laying in the yard playing with our new chicks or going on bike rides…and gardening! This little community makes me happy!

    Shape Fitness and Wellness Studios

    Mike Hauf, small business owner

    Shape Fitness and Wellness Studios / @shape.holistic

    Shape closed its doors temporarily on March 13th due to the current state of affairs in the world. Though our doors are closed, that doesn’t mean we aren’t working. We have been busy with facility maintenance, painting, sanitizing, and even more continuing education from Muscle Nerds, Inc. We are ready to over-deliver to our clients when our doors open again.

    What do you miss the most? We miss seeing all of our clients’ faces. We miss being able to provide services that keep our community healthy, both physically and mentally. We miss the beach!

    What makes you happy now? Extra time with my family enjoying things I don’t often have time for with my usual schedule - like baking with my kids, gardening, and spending more time with my lady. All the Unexpected Benefits of a Quarantine Life airs weekdays at 8:00 on NatGeo Wild (just kidding, still pitching the idea).

    Kristin Paulson, Chasing the Sun

    Kristin Paulson, small business owner

    Chasing the Sun / @chasingthesunnj

    My house is full again with my college sophomore and high school junior learning from home. I'm grateful that I'm not needed to teach them because I'm truly not qualified! I spend my days as a short order cook, house cleaner, and my main job as a therapist.

    What do you miss the most? I miss spray tanning my clients the most! The instant happiness is better than therapy. They always walk away with a smile. 24 years as therapist, I have never had that quick turn around!

    What makes you happy now? I look forward to serving the Cape May County Community as soon as we begin to return to a sense of normal. Until then I am working in telemental health trying to make some sense of this to my patients.

    Yvonne Yuen, Caesura Communications

    Yvonne Yuen, small business owner + founder of That Swell and Turn the Tide

    Caesura Communications / @millie.and.company

    I've worked in global travel and hospitality marketing for over a decade, and never seen anything like the effects of this pandemic. I created this campaign to help my clients, friends, and neighbours. I wanted to give everyone something to be excited about, something positive to focus on. And I wanted all of us to come together and be the community and support for each other that we're meant to be. You might've noticed that for Turn the Tide, we've partnered business owners to create a singular offer. Or that we're sharing one hashtag rather than starting a new Instagram handle. All of this is because we believe we're stronger together, we're stronger when we share one voice.


    What do you miss the most? Dining out. I love being taken care of in a restaurant.

    What makes you happy now? Zoom yoga with my six year old nephew who lives in Canada. Sharing our eggs or crops with neighbors and friends. We're getting to the point in the season when, in a normal year, my husband and I would barely see each other because he gets so busy. Now we're around each other all the time and that's a gift.